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Our Services

"My lived experience, education and range of methods offers you a safe place to land when you need an impartial informed person to help you reach your goals, restored and refreshed." - Faye Lavergne

Counselling Services Ottawa 

When you are reaching and can't quite grasp the intentions and goals of mental wellness for yourself, family development, or if divorce is crumbling your foundations, you have just discovered a safe place to land.

If you need assistance maneuvering through the system, I can provide support and direction around local services and advocacy, all in an environment with spiritual respect and support.

Best practices are followed at Phase In. 

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: In person, by phone or video.

Individual or group/family sessions available. 


Mental health & wellness:

  • depression/anxiety

  • faith and spirituality concerns

  • gender issues 

  • mood complications

  • personal growth

  • self-harm

  • stress

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Art Studio

Being at the art studio allows you to enjoy, explore and create!

Come for:

  • creative fun

  • personal growth

  • skill development

  • spiritual expression

For information about upcoming sessions, and updated

class schedules follow us on instagram! 

Therapeutic Art
  • groups developed for your specific interests and requirements

  • gathering for healing, restoration, connection, socialization

  • inclusive mindset

Art Sessions
  • Student Program 

  • All-abilities 

  • Family or group gatherings

  • Fundraising events, and more!

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Sliding Scale Pricing.

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At Phase In, we use a sliding scale price model. This means that the fee per hourly session will vary based on your yearly house-hold income, as well as other lifestyle factors.

Fees typically range between $75 - $143/hr for counselling. Therapeutic art sessions will have additional fees.


We accept payment by cash or e-transfer. All e-transfers can be sent to

Please note, our services can be claimed under the following; 

  • Green Shield

  • Queensway Carleton Hospital employees can claim through their QCH insurance for youth & child counselling

  • Claim under medical expenses for tax returns (per CRA eligibility requirements)

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